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Fri, 29th Jul. 2011, 07:08
Writer's Block: A novel idea

Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

Off the top of my head, Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama might make an interesting first-person game.

I don't say shooter, because it's not a shooty sort of story. And we have more than enough fucking shoot-em-up games, already—which i usually put in god-mode at some point, so i can just explore without being pestered by the token beasties.

I'd certainly enjoy exploring a virtual Rama. And the sequels offer yet more detail.

It could work as a text adventure, too. Planetfall on steroids. ;)

[Ooh! Someone should remake Adventure (aka Collossal Cave) as a first-person.]

Fri, 29th Jul. 2011 23:57 (UTC)

I am n it sure I am familiar with those books, will have to look them up.

Thu, 24th Nov. 2011 04:34 (UTC)

All 3 of them were 8bit Apple II games on 5.25s Still have them broken (protection removed) disks of them. I would believe the Asimov FTP site has disk images of them that can be played on emulators.

Fri, 2nd Dec. 2011 23:23 (UTC)
uberregenbogen: Rendezvous With Rama text adventure?

I'm well aware that Colossal Cave and Planetfall are available in Apple II form, having blown many an hour on them. ☺ Are you saying that there's a Rendezvous With Rama based text-adventure out there?  I guess it's search time. :D