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Sun, 19th Jul. 2015, 06:33
Answer for question 4456.

Would you rather improve your ability to remember things or to forget things? What event from your past do you wish you could remember more clearly? What's one thing you really, really wish you could just forget?
I would definitely choose being able to remember things more easily over being able to forget more easily, as i already have intermittent short term memory problems. Sometimes, i just lose stuff—to the point of forgetting entire short conversations. It's a huge problem when reading; instead having occasionally to reread a paragraph, it's usual, and i often just have to give up. ☹

Tue, 21st Jul. 2015 03:26 (UTC)

Sometimes I have so much in my mind I will be 5 steps ahead of myself. Not to long ago I left the car door open at the Taco Bell for a while. My mind had already gone on to other things. My reading compression is bad. I have to reread everything and take notes if it is technical reading. For leisure stuff I listen to audio books.