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Tue, 18th Aug. 2015, 07:41
Answer for question 4484.

Do you generally point out the mistakes people make, or do you quietly let it go? What's one mistake people make that drives you crazy?
I've found that even very infrequent spelling or grammar corrections get me marked as a grammar nazi. If they only knew how often i let it slide, out of the realization that it's futile with most people. However, if someone is being incoherent, they're asking for it. ☺

Sun, 19th Jul. 2015, 06:33
Answer for question 4456.

Would you rather improve your ability to remember things or to forget things? What event from your past do you wish you could remember more clearly? What's one thing you really, really wish you could just forget?
I would definitely choose being able to remember things more easily over being able to forget more easily, as i already have intermittent short term memory problems. Sometimes, i just lose stuff—to the point of forgetting entire short conversations. It's a huge problem when reading; instead having occasionally to reread a paragraph, it's usual, and i often just have to give up. ☹

Tue, 10th Jul. 2012, 00:20
Writer's Block: The Path Not Taken

Is there anything you'd do (or would have done) differently in your life if you knew no one was going to judge you for it?
The obvious change would be to have cleaned up my act a lot sooner. I was a very dumpy teenager. (I'm still very introverted.)

Thu, 28th Jun. 2012, 05:07
personal futility

My existence seems mighty pointless.

Thu, 22nd Mar. 2012, 16:38
Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

English is my primary language. I also know a smattering de Français (French), y bits of Español (Spanish) und Deutche (German).

Fri, 29th Jul. 2011, 07:08
Writer's Block: A novel idea

Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

Off the top of my head, Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama might make an interesting first-person game.

I don't say shooter, because it's not a shooty sort of story. And we have more than enough fucking shoot-em-up games, already—which i usually put in god-mode at some point, so i can just explore without being pestered by the token beasties.

I'd certainly enjoy exploring a virtual Rama. And the sequels offer yet more detail.

It could work as a text adventure, too. Planetfall on steroids. ;)

[Ooh! Someone should remake Adventure (aka Collossal Cave) as a first-person.]

Sun, 10th Jul. 2011, 05:24
Writer's Block: Horrible bosses

Who was the worst boss you’ve ever had? Did you ever get your revenge?

Oooh! F'g rant time!

aaahh! aaahh! aah! aaaaahhh!Collapse )This post is very long, and i can use a beer.
Tschüß! À beintôt! Seeya! (or something)</p>

Sun, 10th Jul. 2011, 01:34
⅛ scale VW Bus computer

Several years ago, i saw a web page of a computer built into a ⅛ scale model sedan (i don't recall what make).

As a five-time VW Bus owner, i immediately got it in my head to do it with a VW Bus model.  The power supply, naturally. would be in the engine compartment, with the motherboard above on the deck, and the removable media drives mounted for access via the side door(s).  The speaker would be mounted, appropriately, under the nose; and of course i would have to use a clip of a VW horn for the general system beep.

I need to freakin' do it one of these days!

Tue, 29th Mar. 2011, 15:49
Have you ratted your neighbour today?

We got brownshirted today.  We took my brother (who was in a car wreck a few days ago) to get x-ray'd.  The hospital has nice cloister-like covered outdoor walkways, that offer cool lengthwise pillared corridor views.  So i snapped a bunch of pictures on the way out.  As we were getting into the van, a man, who'd come out shortly after us, was eyeing us suspiciously as he got into his car—to which he took a roundabout path that took him behind my van.

A little later, we got pulled over on the highway, and told that we'd been seen “taking pictures of the surveillance system”.  The cops were cool about it; but they did take our names, etc, and run them through the system.  (So we're all probably on some watch list now.)

I wish i could call the guy and thank him for giving me one more reason to be paranoid.  Seig heil, sheeple!

“It is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.  Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.  This is easy.  All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.  It works the same in every country.”
—Reich Marshall Hermann Göring
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
—Benjamin Franklin

Sat, 19th Mar. 2011, 03:53

According to SpaceFem.com's What phase was the moon at on your birthday? doodad [the output of which i've edited and rearranged]:

I was born during a new moon
(when the moon is dark, because the sun is lighting the far side).

It goes on to say that this suggests:

  • I want to leave an impression on people, and make my mark on the world.
  • When i love an idea, i'll work hard for it, sometimes even dropping whatever i'm doing to go on to the next new great thing that's captured my imagination. (Well, i'm certainly easily distracted.)
  • The more freedom that i have to chose what i'm doing, the busier i'll be.

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